jeudi 12 avril 2018

« CHOCO-SYNTH » recycle series 02

Running Time’s « CHOCO-SYNTH » recycle series 02
the only video synth with a chocolate flavor!

The basis is another video enhancer bent and housed in that beautiful yellow container 
that usually carries chocolate powder.
Traditionnal electronic projects enclosures are so  sad and costly...Recycle!
Pots knobs are  industrial food caps.
It ain't no "Tachyons+ my ass" .This project is at least ten times cheaper and unique.

   Basis is an old video amp kit from the 90's.

setting up the values of a constant bend effect using trimmers

ajusting the value of a trigger effect

4,7K potentiometers along with 104Kcapacitor always got me satistfied.

the recycled enclosure

placing the outputs
In this case, use long enough wires at least as long as the box
so you can solder them to the circuit before inserting the whole thing.

The fun part: 
Inserting circuit board after fixing the controls on top...
Patience is required.

best to use before (see date on lid):)

closed case!

One video I did using the Choco Synth along with a kaleidoscopic toy camera on a sweat feedback sesh.

more here!
saccharose from Running Time on Vimeo.

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