samedi 7 avril 2018

Eggplantyons (video glitching and effects)

The Eggplantyons is a circuit bent video enhancer.Beside Berlin's wall's pieces of rocks, West Germany has left us some cool video stuff like this neat VIVANCO gain/sharpness video amp.
Some easy bends with no big extra components can produce some trippy glitchy-type effects for a very low cost.
Grab a bunch of pots (best 4,7K )and look for bendpoints.
It is a response to the infamous Tachyons+ synths craze bullshit.

More here!

For best results, pass tru a proper video mixer(tbc).

Here is some kinda demo down below done before I sold the device.
eggplantyons_VIVANCO_rebirth from Running Time on Vimeo.

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